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The act of creating art and choreography is what allows me to fulfill and deconstruct the human experience. My goal is to guide those through my work by connecting each individual’s authentic self to physical movement. Creating from a mental and emotional standpoint eliminates the barriers of the physical social standards for dancers. Unity between each other is formed by surrendering ourselves to the art and trusting hands of peers. I hope that as I continue to choreograph and teach, the bond formed between myself and other artists helps influence the world to become better and more accepting place.

Creative | Model | Educator

 Avid supporter of mental health help, political & social change, vegan lifestyle, and sustainable fashion
Instagram: @felicerose13

Felice fell in love with the arts at a very young age and throughout her life has explored the many avenues of creativity. Connection and collaboration is at the heart of all her work. She has learned from a great number of like-minded artists throughout her educational and professional career who continue to influence her every day.

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